ITS HAPPENING - I went to a gas station near the border between Kentucky and Tennessee and there were BUG SNACKS. a scorpion in a lollipop and snack crickets.

And ant suckers. And rainbow coloured WORMS.

Nononononoooooooo no.

@su classic weird snacks lol those were popular gag gifts here ten years ago

@su I think it's fine. Why is this anti white again? I missed the boat on the eat bugs meme

@Someguy you would eat a bug? Shewww gross. The news websites that have everyone's ear are praising the virtues of bug eating and calling down red meat, it's everywhere. Everything is one big onion, I dont know anymore 😆

@su I dont know. It does have a non white flavour to it I suppose. But i eat everything.

@Someguy the old man that was behind the counter joked with me and said that he had eaten enough bugs as a child and would not be trying out the bug snacks. They had beautiful fried chicken, I would eat that before the dried crickets. I wonder if they're even clean, no country of origin. Buyer beware lol

@Someguy @su are you seriously saying you'd love to eat bugs?

@WhiteIceTv @su no I'm not saying that. I'm saying I'm suspending my disbelief. I dont buy this as this terrible anti white thing its put out to be. That's all

@WhiteIceTv @su as I said to su, it's not a very white cuisine. But i also think theres something anti white about stepping back from something and not trying it. That's for Jews and Muslims. I am sort of split on it if you want to know the truth.

@su Did you eat some in your pod and was it down with soy milk?

@su we've had those for years at our local Petro. I get them as gag gifts for my bosses every year.

@su calm down, some countries have always eaten insects as a delicacy and y'know, you could just not buy it hence not eating it.

@su I think they are gag gifts. Gifts that make you gag. Technically edible, but I doubt anyone does.

@StevenKeaton I know. I was being theatrical. I wanted to buy the scorpion lolly but was talked out of it

@Aldersgate i also learned that in some places in the south, they eat clay dirt. an actual craving for it

@su I had a Spanish teacher from Colombia who told us they used to sell roasted ants at soccer games (like peanuts). He said he and everybody else would eat them.

Is this some kind of snack for the niggers?

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