@JimmyMarr @su

The whole topic repels me -- your tone and Alex's have hints of snarky smarminess, only because I know as much as I do. I am left in the difficult position of vehemently wishing that what you hint at is true while at the same time disliking your way of hinting.

@harrison_partch You could easily be mistaking my clumsiness for artifice. I included Monero simply because I needed a pairing for Bitcoin in order to complete the analogy with Wotan's two ravens. As for Bitcoin itself, I am cautiously optimistic about its potential as sound money and I think the downstream sociological ramifications of sound money are impossible to overstate. The best way I can imagine them is as a reverse image of that portrayed by Pound in Canto XLV youtu.be/xn6r2Nm0ZMo

@JimmyMarr Wotan must've been with me earlier, I decided to paint the deck and I heard "clickclickclick" behind me. I'm like huh, I look around and there's 5 crows on the road having a party, making weird noises and stuff

@su They're probably hoping you'll throw them some kraken corn.

@su @JimmyMarr I like crows. Some were in a parking lot day before yesterday, so I started feeling them; one hopped onto the hood with his free lunch & gave the waiter the once-over...😄

@NBForrest @su I don't know man, you might not want to get caught feeling crows in public.

@NBForrest @JimmyMarr they are so smart, they'll give you presents if you form a bond. We have ravens where I'm from, big as turkeys, almost

@su @NBForrest I don't give a fuck if he forms a bond, feeling crows in public is bad news.

@JimmyMarr @NBForrest well, I'd like to feel one, they look like they'd feel oily but they probably arent

@JimmyMarr I fed him after I felt him, so it was a fair exchange

@Alex_Linder Third bad omen of the day. @NBForrest has been feeling crows in public and @su is telling him it's normal to form bonds with them. Very bad signs in my opinion.

@JimmyMarr @Alex_Linder @NBForrest
There's a bad moon rising and there's trouble on the way

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