Christianity is the worst enemy we have. It takes the healthiest white people and makes them into niggers.

@Someguy xianity values the stranger over family, the ugly over the beautiful, the weak over the strong. 2000 years of this philo-semitic Fentanyl has turned most of the White population into ignorant, deracinated slaves at best, and frothing at the mouth genocidal maniacs heaven bent on aiding in their own tribes' extermination in order to usher in the mongrel paradise of their fictitious jewish sky pimp.

"Philo-semitic Fentanyl"

You're on it this morning, @DaveNY

@JimmyMarr @DaveNY When he's really feelin' it, my old partner can string them words together with Earl Scruggs dexterity.

@DaveNY I didn't mean to be rude to you, @NBForrest, I just wanted you to know that I instantly recognized your reference. I listened to these old boys when I was still in the cradle. Very deep and persistent memories until one day my older sister brought home her first Elvis Presley record. If Daddy didn't whip her ass blue, he sure as hell shoulda.

@JimmyMarr @DaveNY Think nothing of it; we all know the pigs' theft of your Santie hat accelerated your mental decline; I make allowances.

That rendition of Jimmy Marr the Newsboy was enlightening: I didn't know Earl also played a real musical instrument.

Here's the definitive performer of the tune, Mac Wiseman:

@NBForrest @DaveNY As I was sayin', before I was so rudely interrupted. The appearance of an Elvis record on the home front was a big culture shock. My sister "why you got to be so mean, Daddy? Is it just 'cause he wiggles his hips a little bit?"

Daddy: "This is how it starts, Honeybun, but mark my words, before it's all said and done Kentucky farm girls will be totin' Gestapo weapons to town!"

It's all coming back to me now. Might be paraphrased a bit, but that's the gist of what he said.

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