17 year-old Alex Zivojinovich (the future superstar Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson) arguing with his parents about his doubtful future. From the doc "Come on Children":


@NBForrest i saw rush in concert, it was impressive. i have never experienced such an all-sense attack as when they started.

@Alex_Linder It is my regret not to have seen them. They are (were in Peart's case) great musicians with great songs.

@NBForrest tell you what, it made me understand Nazis better. you can be completely overwhelmed and moved in spite of yourself by noise that loud and music that good.

@NBForrest it had to be similar, their understanding of what jews call 'production values.

we all want to be part of something greater. but nothing that offends our mind like xtianity, that's just unjustifiable, indefensible sad-sackism

@Alex_Linder Oh, to have been at a Nuremberg rally, or under the balcony as Hitler watched the torchlight victory parade march past...

@NBForrest @Alex_Linder my dad saw him speak there when he was in the hitler youth and I have some pictures of some family member there wearing a u-boat uniform


@Alex_Linder @NBForrest I do have it scanned, I'll look for it on a flash drive when I'm at work later

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