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You know , I'd say well be south Africa soon if we don't get our act together politically, but it might actually be far worse .

My baby girl Ava was born today. She is healthy and happy.

BIG IDEA!! HUGE!!! Light up the faggot gay parades with paintball guns. Lots of fun and shut that shit down.

Niggers are demons, how does anyone not see this?

I just don't see the warrior spirit in our men. Perhaps it's been totally conditioned from our minds. Even the men who sign up to do war seem incapable. This isn't a recent phenomenon, it is true as far back as WWII. American soldiers were scared out of their wits, and rightfully so given their commanders sent them marching into certain death. The argument could be made that it is the circumstances in which the men are forced into pointless battles rather than fighting for their own will.

I feel like an absolutely humiliated coward just seeing a nigger. I know I'm not even supposed to tolerate it's existence, but I do like a good little bitch. Can't be getting in trouble with zog daddy.

I think we all secretly hope other men will rise up and do the work for us while we all sit back comfortably at home like "gee this great, those guys are heroes".

All nigger holidays are aimed to falsely convince niggers they are equal to Whites, and equally insult Whites by saying we are no better than niggers.

Turner Diaries type shit is going down. We now have an "antisemitism tsar", additional hate crime laws for nigger faggots, and red flag laws for gun owners. I'm not stupid, I'm laying low on the interwebs. No way I'm sitting in prison over fucking words.

Boboddy resliced
Boboddy resliced

I'm sending you the videos (parts 1 & 2) to your proton mail. My youtube account had been suspended, and I tried uploading them directly to pieville and twitter with no success unfortunately.
Goyfire Broadcast #56 (English)

Goyfire Trasmissione #56 (italiano)

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Boboddy resliced

If you are not a socialist by twenty, then you have no heart; if you are not a National Socialist by thirty, then you have no brain.

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tax slavery for the white men
sexual slavery for the white women

how the (((west))) actually works

The true motivator in the whole victimhood mentality is self pity. These people are so pathetic they get off on feeling sorry for themselves.

In my work I visit different cities and I find the people of any given city take a certain ownership of their city. They gladly accept compliment and enjoy boasting of if it's features, and will take great offense to any criticism. In this regard they understand that the city is the people who live there. They understand it is a reflection of it's population. With so many cities turning into absolute devastation and their population turning increasingly nonwhite, they no longer understand

Gab should really just designate itself as a xtian forum. I am in constant dispute with these crazy dickheads over there. Dont know why I waste my time, they cant be reasoned with, and it just pisses me off.

For one most of us are too lazy and or depressed to even get dressed smart and presentable. Two we know we can get arrested and locked up indefinitely for what we say. We do not need to hold mass rallies or demonstrations, just get ourselves out there an spread our message. Do this fearlessly and tirelessly like our lives depend on it, because they do.

The 2 major hangups with the White Nationalist movement are laziness and fear, and they go hand in hand. We know our message is positive and true, we can see that by our success online. The problem is that we quickly form into echo chambers where our message stays confined to limited spaces such as here on gab. We need to be putting in the work to spread our message far and wide in the public spaces. This is where our hangups defeat us.

I believe that nature is reality. We can observe nature and makes sense of it, it is good for the human mind to be able to do so. That is how we maintain our sanity. The further one strays from nature, the more one becomes insane. This is what the jews are doing, they are manipulating everyone into insanity and forcing us to accept it as reality. Sadly, all that matters in the end is the final analysis. If you allow them to take your sanity, they win. The jew lives on lie and dies with the truth

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