Nope, we have no plans to do any form of text-based search so shitlibs can sit on Gab running searches for "offensive" stuff, cherry-picking it, and reporting on it. Sorry.

We will be adding groups to search results though.

Can you give us a way to search for stuff WE OURSELVES have posted (at least)? I've wanted to do this for a long time... @a

There's a couple of options, atm:
1) Use a # tag to identify your post... or
2) you can use the star to Favorite a post that you're interested in. You can retrieve the 'starred' posts in your Notification sub-tab "Favorites"
@ChristianWarrior @a

True, but not as good as a real search. There's no reason in the world we shouldn't be able to search for something in our own posts... @Millwood16 @a


@ChristianWarrior @Millwood16 @a it would mean spending money, that's why Turbo won't do it

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